IanJ – 123 (Sing You A Song)

IanJ - 123 (Sing You A Song)
IanJ just released his latest song “123 (Sing You a Song)”.  He gave us a preview of this a couple weeks ago and I got extremely pumped it because IanJ never lets me down. When I first played the whole song I thought the beginning was Chris Brown or someone like that because he focused more on his singing this time than the rapping part. It does sound a little mainstream but I still love it and recommend the download.

Brandon Realmonte – “Shades of Grey”

Brandon Realmonte - Shades of Grey
One of my friends showed me this song by Brandon Realmonte a couple weeks ago. I had never heard of Brandon before and thought he was just like any other rapper. But I was completely wrong when I heard "Shades of Grey". It reminds me of Same Love by Macklemore with such a powerful message. Instead of gay marriage like Macklemore had, Brandon talks about racism. I can't stop listening to this and Brandon has a ton of potential in him if he keeps it up.

YONAS – “Clockwork” (Official Video)

Less than a week away from the release of his upcoming EP, The Black Canvas, YONAS gives us a spectacular preview to the project with the first visuals. The EP will be available on February 4th and trust me, you aren't going to miss this one. With visual production from Jakob Owens and 1st Round Records we're definitely aware that this is going to be a massive step out for YONAS, stay on the lookout.

Marc Goone – “Yung Walter White” (Official Video)

Today we bring you the St. Louis up and comer, Marc Goone's newest music video. This track has just recently started to spread like wildfire since it's release, and he's definitely stepped his game up with this unique song and video. Maybe it's just me, but he almost reminds me of a younger Logic, which is a compliment by any means.

Mod Sun – MY HIPPY (Official Music Video)

Mod Sun recently released his newest video, also the first single of an upcoming project. The video is a little trippy, but definitely worth a watch. Even though some of you may refer to this genre of music as "hip-hop" Mod Sun prefers to call his own style "hippy-hop". Take a listen for yourself below and enjoy.

D-WHY – “2,000 Miles” (Official Video)

After much anticipation, D-WHY has released the official music video for fan-favorite track "2,000 Miles" off his debut all-original project, Don't Flatter Yourself. The song is a coming-of-age tale of his journey out west from his homeland of West Virginia and residence in New York City. Also, the video contains a hidden ending that showcases D-Why's passion for folk music.
"There was no plan, no script, no real treatment, no set destinations--just the desire to hit the road and enjoy a few days away from it all. I wrote the song as a reflection on all of my experiences being on the road and in new places over the past few years, and I think the video captures the essence of that. I'm a firm believer that it's not necessarily about where you go or what you experience, but about who you experience it all with. And now, my fans can experience the song with me." - D-WHY

Cris Cab – “Paradise (On Earth)” (Official Music Video)

After successfully releasing his debut EP entitled “RISE”, on October 9th, working with the Island Def Jams music group, and getting his own VEVO channel, Cris Cab is back with his newest music video for the first track on the EP. After looking back on you can definitely say it was a more than successful year for the young artist. Directed by cutting edge duo BRTHR, the visual is an imaginative journey around New York City as Cris sings about his own paradise. Excellent visuals and fantastic production mixed in perfectly with the already inspirational track and good vibes.

Maroon 5 – “Daylight” (Vers Remix)

Miami native, Vers' (pronounced Verses), just released his newest remix of "Daylight" from Maroon 5. He took to Twitter earlier today spreading hype for his newest song, and it clearly deserves every bit of recognition it's received. From the beginning Vers' lyricizes about judging from an outward appearance, then takes an even greater step back to fighting through cancer. Overall, the track is full of overpowering emotions that can't be described with words, you're going to have to take a listen for yourself below.
"Just smile, 'cause life is beautiful. Believe me. All I can say is I hope the message is clear.. Nothing in life can bring you down.. All darkness disappears in 'Daylight'. Put this song on and Smile!! Because I'm speaking to YOU!" - via Facebook

Rockie Fresh – Electric Highway (Mixtape)

"Electric Highway is the new mixtape from MMG's Rockie Fresh. I haven't had the time to listen all the way through yet, but within the first 3 tracks, i'm very impressed and can't wait to hear the rest. Featuring artists such as Curren$y, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle and more this mixtape is going to make a big splash. It has already collected over 100,ooo downloads in less than one day. Download it HERE. Also, if you're a big Rockie Fresh fan, a store near me, Burn Rubber, has came up with a collaboration shirt to go along with the album. You can purchase that HERE.

Jon Bellion – “Dead Man Walking” (Official Music Video)

The Long Island native and recent addition to Visionary Music Group is Jon Bellion, who just released this brand new music video "Dead Man Walking". If you've been a long time fan of Visionary you'll definitely notice right away the uniqueness behind Bellion's vocals and style, especially after listening to many of the other artists in the music group. There's definitely more to look forward too from Bellion, so keep an ear open.

Mike Stud – “Little Things” (Remix)

Fortunately enough, it looks like Mike Stud is back with more #SundayStudday for us all after releasing this brand new remix of One Directions track "Little Things" yesterday. With the usual productions from Jon Kilmer, the two teamed up in studio once again. Kilmer provided the extra background beats while Stud dropped his own set of vocals. The track starts off slow but simultaneously picks up into their usual style with some extra lyrics and upbeat hip-hop tempo.

Mike Posner – “Ho Hey” (Remix)

Just a few days ago the remix master and lyrical genius Mike Posner released this remix to The Lumineers popular radio hit "Ho Hey". He adds his own touch of skillful beats and soulful vocals that really add to the overall appeal of the track. Hopefully we'll see a full length upcoming project from Posner soon, as he's definitely been killing the remix scene.